My name is Thierry, I’m a writer and content manager in the tech industry, and in my free time I like to write about things ranging from technology to product marketing, life abroad, language learning, and a lot more.

This is a new space and my goal is to publish on a monthly basis. Subscribe to be notified when I drop an article and don’t worry - it shouldn’t be that often so no risk of spam there:

What type of content can you expect?

In the past I’ve published about a lot of different topics. Among other things, I’ve written about:

You can find a lot of that content on my blog. Going forward, this newsletter will my go-to place to write and share my ramblings.

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Musings about technology, product marketing, life abroad, language learning, and more. Published monthly(ish).


Content manager and writer, I'm interested in tech, culture, business, education, and everything in between.